Office of the Governor

The Governor is the political head of the region and provides strategic political leadership within the framework of the law. The Office of the Governor plays a central role in ensuring greater involvement of the people in public life. The Governor of Oshikoto Region and  his staffs are appointed by the President of the Republic of Namibia under section 2 of the Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Act, 1990 (Act No. 6 of 1990) as amended Act, No. 15 of 2010 and , Hon. Penda  Ya Ndakolo was appointed as Governor of Oshikoto Region on 07 April 2020.


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Office of the Governor's Duties and Responsibilities
  • To act as link between central and regional government
  • The governor can attend Council meetings
  • Governor reports to the President
  • Governor may  require the Regional Councillor to convene urgent special sessions or to address a particular issue identified by the Governor.
  • To investigate and report on any matter relating to the region if the governor has been requested to investigate that matter by the President or the Minister responsible for Urban and Rural Development;
  • To keep himself/herself informed of all matters relating to Oshikoto Region and to bring any matter to the attention of the President or the relevant Minister if the governor thinks that it is advisable;
  • To settle or mediate any dispute or other matter that might arise in Oshikoto Region, and
  • To act as a link between the Central Government and the Regional Council, or any Local or Traditional Authority in Oshikoto Region

The Hon. Governor

Hon. Penda Ya Ndakolo
Governor of Oshikoto Region
P.O Box 19551, Omuthiya
Physical Address:
Penda Ya Ndakolo Street, Omuthiya
Tel: +264 - 65 - 244 819
Fax: +264 - 65 - 244 071
Email Address:

Regional Council Chairperson

Hon. Samuel P. Shivute

Regional Councillor: Omuthiya Constituency
Chairperson of Oshikoto Regional Council
P.O Box 19551, Omuthiya
Tel: +264 - 65 - 244 800
Fax: +264 - 65 - 244 071
Email Address: