Regional Headquarter in Omuthiya

The Otjikoto Lake is the smaller of only two permanent natural lakes in Namibia

Etosha National Park’s main characteristic is a salt pan so large it can be seen from space

Wildlife viewing in Etosha is exceptionally good during the Dry season


Attend to community complaints and suggestions 

Information dissemination to public (regular announcements through different media and on the office notice board)

Coordinate the CDC meetings as a Secretariat and Convener

Coordinate and organize the National events at the Constituency

Organize public information awareness meetings

Create platforms to solicit information on social- economic development projects for the community

Prepare project proposals for the community development projects


Facilitate the distribution of the Drought Food Relief and other Emergency relief products

Coordinate HIV/AIDS activities in the Constituency

Monitor the Constituency Development Projects



Office of the Governor


Hon. Penda Ya Ndakolo

Governor of Oshikoto Region

Omuthiya Gwiipundi

Government of the Republic of Namibia

News & Events

Oshikoto Governor state of the region address was delivered on 17 July 2020. (Download Speech)

Did you know?

Omuthiya Gwiipundi is situated approximately 10 Kilometers (6.2ml) from Etosha National Park, Omuthiya is the Capital and Administrative Center of Oshikoto Region and is the fourth largest region in Namibia, It is now a proclaimed town, and the capital city of the Region. This has brought massive changes and benefits to the 5 000 residents as well as the region itself.

...The population of Omuthiya as per 2011 population and housing census stands at 12, 926 inhabitants, while for the whole region stands at 242 900 at As the above demographic information suggests, Omuthiya town serves the whole region.


Local Authorities in Oshikoto Region

                        Omuthiya Town Council

                       Oniipa Town Council


Tsumeb Municipality




1. Eengodi Constituency

Hon. Protasius Neshuku

Member of the Management Committee
2. Guinas Constituency

Hon. Elias Kainda Marthinu

Member of the Management Committee
3. Nehale Lya Mpingana Constituency

Hon. Josef Shiwomwenyo Shilongo

Ordinary Council Member
4. Okankolo Constituency

Hon. Hans Linekela Nambodi

Member of Parliament: National Council
5. Olukonda Constituency

Hon. Phillemon Ndjambula

Member of Parliament: National Council
6. Omuntele Constituency

Hon. Sakeus Nangula

Member of Parliament: National Council
7. Omuthiya Constituency

Hon. Samuel Panduleni Shivute

Chairperson of the Regional Council

8. Onayena Constituency

Hon. Nelumbu Mateus Kamati

Member of the Management Committee
9. Oniipa Constituency

Hon. Vilho Tulipohamba Nuunyango

Ordinary Council Member
10. Onyaanya Constituency

Hon. Gideon Shikomba

Ordinary Council Member
11. Tsumeb Constituency

Hon. Gottlieb Tulimeke Ndjendjela

Ordinary Council Member