Decentralized Building Together Programme 2018/2019

Decentralized Build Together Program (DBTP) was decentralized to Oshikoto Regional Council in 1999/2000 finacial year at the following settlements; Onayena, Oshivelo and Oniipa. The Programme targets both urban and rural low income groups whose monthly income does not exceed N$43, 000.00. However; the programme was incorporated into the mas housing programme during 2013/2014 financial year.



  • Oshivelo Settlement - Rural urban 49 houses,  5 Social houses and  7 Renovated/ council houses
  • Onayena Settlement - Rural Urban 22 houses
  • Oniipa Settlement - Rural Urban 1 house

A total of  83 houses were constructed in the region under the build Together programme

Settlement Land Management

Land in declared settlement areas is managed by the settlement office. The process of acquiring land in settlement areas is that, if the investor or a community member intends to acquire an erf in the settlement area, firstly the applicant should submit a complete application in a prescribed form or a comprehensive development application to the settlement office.

The settlement office shall convene SDC meeting to scrutinize the application and if the application is found to be in line with the development agenda of the Council and the required Erf or land is available, then the settlement office shall submit the recommendation of the SDC to the Council for a final decision. All the moment, land or Erf in settlement areas are allocated on a leasing agreement by the Council.

Settlement Development Control

Development control in the settlement area is undertaken by local settlement office. The settlement Office shall ensure that all buildings are constructed upon the approval of the building plan.The approved building plan becomes a development agreement between the Council and the developer.

In other words construction of any given building in the settlement area shall only start when the land is allocated by the Council and the building plan is submitted and approved by the Council. The settlement office shall ensure that the approved building plan is adhered during the construction phase. This requires that site inspections and meeting would be regularly conducted by th settlement office with the developer.

Settlements in Oshikoto Region

The Region consists of the following two declared settlements:

  • Onayena Settlement
  • Oshivelo Settlement