Oniipa Town Council


Mr. Junias Jakob
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +264 65 245700/11
Fax: +264 65 245711
E-mail: jjakob@oniipatc.org.na

Oniipa Town is named after an African Ebony trees, which according to oral history served as tannery that bear fruits of think skins. Hence the name Oniipa (a place with skins/hides). Oniipa was established by the Finish Mission Society in 1872. It boasts of the first Hospital in Namibia known as Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital established in 1911.

Oniipa it situated in Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia and is a district capital of the Oniipa Electoral Constituency. It is situated along the B1 Road between Omuthiya and Ondangwa. The town is very strategically located next to major national rail and road networks. The Main Road 121 that forms part of the national road network routes through Oniipa connecting it to Eenhana, Oshikango, Angola, Okongo and Rundu to the North. The historic, vibrant and biblical town of Oniipa has a beautiful landscape covered with natural shrubs. The town is suitable for all types of development.

Oniipa is an eye-catching logistical hub due to its prime location and enough land in the center of the region along the major continental transportation routes such as the Tsumeb–Oshikango Railway line and its proximity of 5 km to from Ondangwa Domestic Airport, which is planned to be upgraded to an International Airport.