State Schools in Omuthiya & Other places
  • Omuthiya Circuit
  • Onkumbula Education Circuit
  • King Kauluma Combined Schools
  • Onathinge Primary and Secondary School
  • Etegameno Combined School
  • Onathinge Primary School
  • Onathinge Secondary School
  • Oshigambo High School
  • Nehale Senior Secondary School

Schools in Onayena & Nehale Cluster
  • Nehale Senior Secondary School
  • Joseph Simaneka Asino Secondary School
  • Uuyoka Combined School
  • Oniihwa Combined School
  • Oniiwe Primary School
  • Matheus Nashandi Combined School
  • Matheus Namwiha Primary School
  • Ekaha Primary School
  • Ambunda Primary School
  • Onayena Primary School
  • Onuuya Primary School
  • Lucas Primary School
  • Lano Primary School (private school)
  • Ondumetana Primary School
  • Nakambale Primary School
  • Okakonda Primary School
  • Iikokola Combined School

Tsumeb Training facilities & Schools

Tsumeb Training facilities
  • Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), Northern campus
  • Adult Education Center
  • Polytechnic of Namibia Center
  • University of Namibia Center

Tsumeb Schools
  • Etosha Secondary School (HoŽrskool Etosha)
  • Tsumeb Secondary School
  • Otjikoto Secondary School
  • Tsumeb Gymnasium
  • Opawa Combined School
  • Francis Galton Primary School
  • Kuvukiland Primary School
  • Tsumeb English Medium Primary School
  • Nomtsoub Primary School
  • Ondundu Primary School
  • St. Francis Primary School


Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture Contact details

Director of Education, Arts & Culture Ms Aletta Eises
Deputy Director: PQA    Mr Vilho Shipuata
Deputy Director: IALL Vacant
Postal Address       Private Bag 2028
Telephone   065-281900
Fax  065-240315