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The Directorate: General Services provide the following services:

Municipal Services

The Regional Council has five (5) proclaimed Settlement Offices in Oshigambo, Onyuulaye, Onayena, Oshivelo and Tsintsabis. The Settlement Offices provide municipal services to the local inhabitants within that particular settlement area. The services provided are (amongst others): provision of water, sewerage management, refuse removal and solid waste management, street roads and electricity (through its partner NORED).

Through the Decentralised Build Together Programme, the Regional Council provides funding to the residents in all settlement areas, for the construction of low cost housing. This service is rendered by the Directorate: General Services, in collaboration with the Directorate: Development Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Read more on the National Housing (Build Together) Programme.

Download the Implementation Guidelines and Procedures on BTP Booklet - 19 March 2007

Leasing of Plots

The Division: Administration, through the Settlement Offices and the recommendation of Settlement Development Committees, lease serviced residential, business and institutional plots to the public.

Regional Disaster Risk Management
The Regional Disaster Risk Management Unit within the Regional Council is responsible to mitigate the effects of natural disasters and to respond to such disasters, with the support of the Office of the Prime Minister.




The Directorate: Development Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation manage the following programmes, projects and render services:


Rural Development

The Division: Rural Services provides support to a variety of projects in Oshikoto Region, with the support of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. This is done through rural development programmes, namely:

1. Cash and/or Food for Work
2. Micro-Finance
3. Regional Specific Action Plan
4. Support Resources to Poor Farmers
5. Rural Employment Scheme
6. One Region One Initiative
7. Okashana Rural Development Centre
8. Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination
9. Rural Electrification


Economic Development

The Division: Development Planning aims to capacitate small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region with skills and opportunities to promote their products and services as well as identifying and promoting local economic development opportunities in the region.


Regional HIV/AIDS Coordination

The Regional HIV/AIDS Coordination Unit is responsible for multi-sectoral regional coordination, to mitigate and respond to the HIV pandemic in Oshikoto Region, with the aim of reducing new HIV infections and providing livelihood support to those affected by, or infected, with the virus. This is done through the Regional AIDS Coordinating Committee.

Technical Services

Among many responsibilities, the Directorate: Development Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the Region.  Most of the infrastructural development projects are funded under the Medium Term Expenditure Framework of the Government.

Development and Capital Project s

Development and capital projects are budgeted for under the Development budget of the Regional Council. Capital budget investment is geared towards funding of infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, water and sewage reticulation, office buildings, etc.