Omuthiya Town

Omuthiya is the Capital town for the Oshikoto Region in Namibia. The town has been proclaimed in October 2007 and the Omuthiya Town Council established in September 2008. Situated a mere 10 Kilometers from one of Namibias top tourist hot sports, Etosha National Park, between the main towns of Ondangwa in the north and Tsumeb in the South. Is the small town of Omuthiya(Omuthiya Gwiipundi). The town which has a population of around 5000 people is the capital of oshikoto region. The town is also surrounded by the King Nehale Conservancy.


Omuthiya Gwiipundi (short: Omuthiya [Camel thorn tree] with resting benches) better known as Omuthiya; Historically Mr Moses Eriki, a contractor, constructed a table and chairs under the tree to serve as a resting place for road users. It was also used as trading spot where villagers traded their goods (including food, weapons and crafts). Cattle herders also used the tree for resting and trading.The original Omuthiya tree was next to the main road and eventually fell down in 1976. After the mysterious falling of the tree, trading and development continued in Omuthiya and investors are ascetically about plans to establish major shopping mails in Omuthiya, arguing the town;s population is small to economically sustain such developments.